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World Cup

It''s time for the World Cup and a great excuse to focus on Africa and some big drumming!
Pounding hi octane drumming & menacing guitar chord. Shock & awe
Bubbly groove & synth washes with African vocals
Percussive theme driven by African drums & an expressive male choir
Upbeat Afro flavours with funky breaks, live percussion, brass & chants
Powerful, thunderous drums with pounding groove
African percussion under a flowing & peaceful flute melody
Relentless tribal drums. Energetic, powerful & slightly menacing
Pounding & aggressive drumming with abrasive distorted pads & guitar
Emotive gentle rock ballad verse builds to huge stirring chorus
Fusion of Afro world percussion & breakbeats
Up tempo drumming with thunder drums & frantic bongos
Energetic drums, builds with powerful male vocal effects
Very fast drumming & African percussion
Driving, youthful indie rock with big rock guitars
Bright, cheerful African grooves & chanting with Kalimba tune
Solo drums & percussion. Mid tempo ethnic groove
Cheerful mid tempo African band with vocals & accordion
Upbeat positive indie with a windswept chorus. Uplifting & triumphant
Lively guitar melody with uplifting African rhythm
Restless tribal percussion from the west coast of Africa

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