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Check out the awesome & majestic sound of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Building rhythmic string & marimba pattern. Eastern influence
Grand intro for orchestra/chorus followed by ostinato build to climax
Thriller paced orchestra with rock drums & guitar
Positive, gradually building orchestra, choir & ethnic rhythm
Exuberant orchestral romp sustained to climactic ending
Nostalgic, flowing & charming orchestral waltz
Broad, panoramic, filmic orchestral. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Large, violent orchestral. Powerful, aggressive drums
Glowering orchestral. Breaks then builds violently with choir in sections
Sleazy orchestra with sultry trumpet top line
Panoramic orchestral build & diminuendo
Driving beats with large orchestra. Middle Eastern influence - big sound!
Proud, stirring large orchestral. Military side drum - building & cinematic
Panoramic epic orchestra & symphonic choir
News & current affairs theme from the days when everything was lovely
Haunting orchestral. Building, broad, expansive strings. Features bass flute
Dark, slow orchestral with industrial drums & percussion. Emotional, building
Cheesy, sunny 1950s string orchestra
Upbeat, filmic, heroic. Large orchestral romp
Demonic percussive orchestra & choir. Continuation of "Orbit"
Mighty, intimidating full orchestra. Martial & unrelenting
Grandiose orchestral opening into pounding, stirring theme with choir
Epic, martial orchestral. Recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Frenzied orchestral drum 'n' bass. Fast beats
Peaceful flute & harp into martial, pounding orchestra & choir
Dramatic, dark, imposing orchestral
Episodic, building, dramatic, large orchestral theme
Busy, cheerful, pastoral strings with harp
Pounding, insistent, suspenseful orchestra & choir. Builds all the way
Darkly building large orchestra with percussion & synths. Big drums develop
Sparkling, classic, glamorous orchestral romp
Magical, mysterious orchestral waltz
Earnest insistent strings with building percussion groove
Sad, anxious, flowing strings & gently rhythmic piano
Repetitive rhythm section with slow, gentle string orchestra & piano

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