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Tunes so spooky they'd make a rattlesnake shiver
Strange, spooky, sci-fi 'B' movie score. Features Theremin
Atmospheric soundscape with a sense of foreboding
Frantic & tense percussion with orchestral & electronic mix
Classic spooky 'B' movie. Features Theremin
Building cathedral organ. Dark, dramatic & full of doom
Dark, sinister & creepy orchestra with spooky & haunting effects
Edgy, building, epic sequence with orchestral & electronic layers
Satanic chorus with orchestral maelstrom including church organ
Classic spooky haunted house. Goulish alto flute, strings & (of course) organ
Foreboding, unsettled orchestral texture
Magical, flowing Celeste with harp and strings
Magical, mysterious orchestral waltz
Spooky hip-hop with ghostly theremin & magical, sinister orchestration
Sinister gothic rock with industrial undertones & massive guitars

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