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Neurons to Nirvana - Video of the Week

We are thrilled to have a number of our tracks featured in the trailer for eagerly anticipated documentary 'Neurons to Nirvana'.

Coming to cinemas soon.

Featured Track: Malicious Plan
Composer: Alex Arcoleo

Listen to the Track

Scroll down to find out which other track have been used in the trailer.

Neurons to Nirvana


Neurons to Nirvana’ is a new film which tackles a fascinating subject matter - through interviews with leading psychologists and scientists, it explores the history of four powerful psychedelic substances (LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA and Ayahuasca) and their previously established medicinal potential.

Strictly focusing on the science and medicinal properties of these drugs, Neurons to Nirvana looks into why our society has created such a social and political bias against even allowing research to continue the exploration of any possible positive effects they can present in treating some of today's most challenging afflictions.

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