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Beats Brasileiros

Beats Brasileiros

We are excited to welcome the brothers from drum ‘n’ bass group Drumagick into our catalogue.

Prolific music producers from Sao Paulo, Drumagick have been instrumental in developing the Brazilian Drum’n’Bass scene, introducing Europe to the Brazilian electronic music scene.

Their new album Beats Brasileiros is filled with funky horns and high energy party music. These tracks will definitely get you moving.

Listen to the album below and scroll down to find out more about the guys behind the music.

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For the track Festa Legal - we used a well-known music genre in Northeast Brazil called 'Maracatu' - very influenced by African music - and mixed it with Samba

Junior Deep

Guilherme Lopes

We're inspired by the party vibe at the carnivals and then we take a different approach!

Drumagick in Action

Drumagick Live 1 Drumagick Live 2 Drumagick Live 3
Drumagick Live 1 Drumagick Live 2 Drumagick Live 3

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