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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1349 to 1364 now live, listen here...

ANW1349 - Chilled Lifestyle 6    
Easy on the ear, very chilled & not a little laid back
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ANW1350 - High Energy, Action, Sport    
Loud, proud and dramatic rock/big beat & electro rock
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ANW1351 - Lifestyle 3    
More tracks which are just dead handy to have around the place
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ANW1352 - RnB, Hip Hop    
Quirky, anthemic hip hop & RnB
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ANW1353 - Acoustic Nu Folk, Lifestyle    
Summery, cool, cheerful. Introducing Dan Gautreau to Audio Network
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ANW1354 - Electro Pop, Songs    
Cutting edge production, great performances from Bob Bradley and crew
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ANW1355 - Classic Rock, Metal 2    
Classic, heads down rock. Unfettered and unashamed raaaaark!
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ANW1356 - Musical Textures & Sound Design    
An editor's dream. Easy to use textures & underscores
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ANW1357 - Corporate, Current Affairs    
Worth checking out for a wide variety of tracks which go well beyond just Corporate and Current Affairs!
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ANW1358 - World/Crossover, Drum 'n' Bass    
Banging beats with World influences
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ANW1359 - 1980s 3    
Retro synths and the occasional shoulder pad
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ANW1360 - Tension, Drama, Builds    
Atmospheric underscores & builds
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ANW1361 - Kids, Kids' Pop    
More great kids' music from Blair Booth and Terry Devine-King
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ANW1362 - Upbeat Lifestyle 2    
The sort of album that just makes life a bit better
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ANW1363 - Lifestyle 4    
You can never have enough of this - straight forward with very few bells or for that matter whistles
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ANW1364 - Orchestral, Pastoral    
Mostly English in feel, some beautiful orchestral works from Debbie Wiseman, Paul Mottram and Luke Richards
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