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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1333 to 1348 now live, listen here...

ANW1333 - Indie Anthems 1     
Big Production and Big Tunes! A mixture of anthemic indie songs and instrumental underscores
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ANW1334 - Indie Anthems 2     
More from Gareth Johnson, the master of such things
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ANW1335 - Retro Funk Grooves     
A fusion of retro funk, soul & contemporary sounds
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ANW1336 - Folk     
An entire album by Kathryn Tickell, one of the most famous folk musicians of her generation. Some truly breathtaking playing
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ANW1337 - Punk, Rock     
Down, dirty - and loud. Hi energy with some tonsil terrorising vocals
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ANW1338 - Atmospherics     
Textures and drones, from chilled to threatening, all subtle, subliminal stuff
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ANW1339 - Contemporary Drama     
Action packed with big dark gritty grooves
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ANW1340 - Urban Lifestyle, Hip Hop     
Electronic, repetitive & bang up to date
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ANW1341 - US Hip Hop, UK Grime     
Bang up to the minute electronica, rap, grime, hip hop & all things urban
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ANW1342 - Chill Out 3     
Chilled grooves from Bob Bradley, Barrie Gledden, Adam Drake and the team
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ANW1343 - Indie, New Wave Pop     
Big, bright and out there! Terry Devine-King, Barrie Gledden & Kevin Browne at their best
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ANW1344 - Indie Anthems 3     
More Big Production, Big Tunes classics!
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ANW1345 - Big Rock     
BIG contemporary rock tracks. No stone left unturned in pursuit of bigness
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ANW1346 - Dance, House 2     
Lively, upbeat dance
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ANW1347 - Nu-Folk, Acoustic Pop     
Some great, unusual & quirky material. A wide variety, but all a bit off kilter!
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ANW1348 - Electro Pop 2     
A symphony of synths and elating electronica!
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