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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1317 to 1332 now live, listen here...

ANW1317 - Sci-Fi, Contemporary Drama     
Huge production, dark beats - an assault on the senses.
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ANW1318 - Lifestyle 2     
For when you need a track that sits there sounding good, but not bothering anybody.
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ANW1319 - Nursery Rhymes, Rock     
Huge hi-energy rock meets the humble nursery rhyme. Adam Drake and Terry Devine-King star!
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ANW1320 - World Dance, Lounge 1     
Grooves and vibes from around the World by the ever popular Christophe Goze.
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ANW1321 - World Dance, Lounge 2     
The second album because it wouldn't all fit onto one!
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ANW1322 - Chilled World, Ambient     
Christophe's take on the World of World Chill Out.
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ANW1323 - India - This is the real thing     
All beautifully recorded in Mumbai by Ruhan & Sidhant Kapoor, two of Bollywood's finest.
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ANW1324 - Quirky, Fun     
A rag bag of oddness and quirky funness.
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ANW1325 - Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Grooves     
Cool late night grooves from Bob Bradley and Barrie Gledden.
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ANW1326 - Electronica, Breakbeat     
Electronic & Breakbeat only just covers it really. Also a good place to find some very odd vocal effects!
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ANW1327 - Chilled Lifestyle 5     
Atmospheric, spaced out & relaxed. Mixed during the Christmas holidays!
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ANW1328 - Vintage Orchestral     
We LOVE this one! Gorgeous period orchestral from a time when everything was lovely!
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ANW1329 - Documentary, Drama 1     
First of three dark, atmospheric CDs - loads of mixes and versions so you can chop the tracks up at will.
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ANW1330 - Documentary, Drama 2     
The second of the three.
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ANW1331 - Documentary Drama 3     
And the third.
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ANW1332 - Orchestral Impressions - War & drama     
A wide variety of orchestral 'bits' - some sad, some scary. Lots of good stuff for Military & History docs.
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