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This Month's Latest Album Releases

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

We have just released 15 new albums this month. Have a listen to our Podcast and get an idea of what's on offer.
There are some fantastic and exciting new albums to check out from Swamp Rock & Country FunkCinematic Orchestral and Rock Through The Ages to Frontier Skies and Quirky & Cheeky Latin.

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ANW1899 – 21st Century Vampire
Witch house & spooky dub mixes for hip bloodsuckers & the urban undead
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ANW1898– Hip Hop & RnB
Street grooves, mashed electronica with vocals & rapping
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ANW1897 – Electro Pop Swing
Electronica mixed with pop hooks & a twist of the swing era
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ANW1896 – Female Pop
Cute, powerful, sassy & soulful female vocal songs
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ANW1895 – Electronic Drama
Dark & sinister ambient grooves & explosive dramatic assaults
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ANW1894 – Frontier Skies
Panoramic & emotional orchestral soundtracks with a hint of the new world
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ANW1893 – Quirky & Cheeky Latin
Silly, cheesy & fun filled Latino themes
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ANW1892 – Electronica Dark Arts
Synth inginuity & programming prowess. Cool electronic grooves & tunes
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ANW1891 – Evocative Songs Collection
Stylish & varied collection of U.S. songs with cool & useful underscores
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ANW1890 – Rock Through The Ages
The evolution of face melting guitars & unhinged drums. Full speed ahead
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ANW1889 – Smokin’ Funky Horns 2
More from the coalface of funk. Worth a fortune is scrap metal alone
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ANW1888 – Atmospheric Electronica
Spacious & sumptuous electronic grooves
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ANW1887 – Hip Hop Lounge
Laid back beats with stylish & smooth production
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ANW1886 – Cinematic Orchestral
Wide screen story telling epics featuring full orchestra
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ANW1885 – Swamp Rock & Country Funk
Ass kickin' southern fried fusions of rock, soul, blues, funk & country
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