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This month's Latest Album Releases

Have a listen to this month's Podcast and our Latest Album Releases.

With 15 new albums being released today, have a listen to the Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer this month.

Our composers have been hard at work yet again to supply us with a real assortment of tracks, ranging from Modern Gritty Rock Riffs to Big Band Christmas, Balkan Beats and Nu Indie & Indie Disco. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1794 – Modern Gritty Rock Riffs
Stomp, mosh, jump & shout. Repeat.
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ANW1793– Anthemic Electronica
Epic synth euphoria with huge beatz & seismic soundscapes
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ANW1792 – Big Band Christmas
Have the swingiest, singiest, crooniest & coolest christmas ever!
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ANW1791 – After Party Anthems
Euphoric & chilled club grooves to help you down from those epic all nighters
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ANW1790 – Banjo & Beats
Another classic fusion. Great fun & very usable mashed up country pickin'!
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ANW1789 – US Hip Hop Crossover & RnB
Stateside Hip Hop crossover & RnB chart toppers. The real deal. Respect!
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ANW1788 – Positive Lifestyle
Happy & hearty mood improvers to cheer up any content
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ANW1787 – Glitch Strings
Lush strings arrangements for the 21st century
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ANW1786 – Pleasant Folk
Acoustic & pastoral pleasantries for bucolic bliss
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ANW1785 – Cheeky Funky Remixes
Some of Audio Networks greatest hits mashed up & re-mixed by the BB beat crew!
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ANW1784 – Balkan Beats
Top in Transylvania & big in Bulgaria, Bob Bradley mashes up Europe’s east side
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ANW1783 – Blues & Beyond
Another gritty low down collection of the cool stuff from the world of Blues
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ANW1782 – Nu Indie & Indie Disco
Cool basement bands & upbeat indie disco songs
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ANW1781 – Ultimate String Quartet
Four way fiddle fireworks from the fantastic Harlem String quartet of NYC
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ANW1780 – Twisted Minimalism
Enigmatic & emotional sound contortions with a taste of the avant garde
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