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Latest Album Releases:

15 new album releases

ANW1589 - Evocative, Cinematic
Stirring synths & sweeping themes
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ANW1590 – Trance, House & Euphoria
Euphoric trance with epic glitchin' breakdowns to bitchin' house beats
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ANW1591 – Uplifting Acoustic Bliss
Happy, clappy, rainbow guitar strappy acoustic nu folk & uplifting indie
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ANW1592 – Holiday In The Sun
Chilled, sunny & relaxed
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ANW1593 – Liquid Drum 'n' Bass
Huge beats and epic soundscapes
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ANW1594 – Lifestyle Electronica
Hypnotic bleeps, exciting beats and euphoric sweeps
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ANW1595 – Vocal Pop Ballads
Songs and instrumental ballads
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ANW1596 – Atmospheric Piano
Piano themes from Paul Mottram
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ANW1597 – Kids Pop, Comedy
Cool kids and comedy capers with an edge
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ANW1598 – Rom Com & Family Movies
Cheerful filmic orchestral romps and fantasies
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ANW1599 – Anthemic Indie Rock & Pop
Hands in the air, inspiring stadium fillers
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ANW1600 – Blockbuster Movie Trailers 3
The follow-up to the hugely successful series, full orchestral, full choir, full tilt!
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ANW1601 – Royal Revisited
Stately orchestras rudely assaulted by glitching beats
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ANW1602 – Feel Good Indie
Indie rock & pop with a spring in its step and a smile on its face
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ANW1603 – Upbeat Pop & Rock
Bouncy teenage pop/rock instrumentals
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