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Latest Album Releases:

Springtime & Weddings!

ANW1574 - Solo Piano. Romantic & Blues 
Beautifully played ivories & elegantly crafted tune-smithery
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ANW1575 - Solo Piano. Period Cartoon & Rags
The amazing 'Harry The Piano' gives us a lightening tour of the 1920s to the 1950s
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ANW1576 - Royal Wedding 
Celebratory orchestral with and without funky nuptial grooves
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ANW1577 - Horror Box
Across rooftops vampires crawl, they watch & wait; their time will come. Eerie textures & drones
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ANW1578 - Editor's Series, Latin America 2
Atmospheric drama drones & Latin percussion
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ANW1579 - Tangos
Unusual, passionate & quirky - a new take on Tangos
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ANW1580 - Dark Rock
Classic big production rock. All Flying V guitars and black eyeliner
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ANW1581 - Urban Drama
Electronica & sound design with grit around the edge
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ANW1582 - Fun and Quirky
Jovial japery and cheerful shenanigans
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ANW1583 - Urban Orchestral Drama
Fusion of filmic orchestral with contemporary percussion & electronica
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ANW1584 - Chilled Lifestyle 7
Bright, light & chilled
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ANW1585 - Electro Indie
Indie rock & pop. Cutting edge in a retro way!
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ANW1586 - Middle East
Cinematic Middle Eastern/Arabic themes
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ANW1587 - Funk, Soul
Retro cool to phat slamming beats
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ANW1588 - Funky House, Floor Fillers
All killers, no fillers - heart stopping grooves - house, trance & disco funk
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