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Latest Album Releases:

Electro House, Rock Fusion, Jazz Blues and many more... Listen Now.

ANW1547 - Kids
One for the Kiddiewinks! All innocent, but a tad quirky
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ANW1546 – Piano Trio, Light Drama
Period drama & beautiful minimalism from Paul Mottram
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ANW1545 – Small Ensemble, Classical
Piano, Violin and Cello studies
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ANW1544 – Retro Funk Grooves
Funk and soul at its finest
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ANW1543 – Jazz Blues
From big band to solo instruments. Burning Players!
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ANW1542 – Indie Rock Albums 2

More of what the doctor ordered!
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ANW1541 – Espionage, Thriller
International tracks of mystery
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ANW1540 – Electro House, Pop
Cutting edge electro & songs
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ANW1539 – Electro Pop
Songs & electro Instrumentals
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ANW1538 – News, Current Affairs
Rousing and urgent themes
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ANW1537 – Rock Fusion
Where classic rock meets electronic, drum ‘n’ bass and funk
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ANW1536 – Orchestra Fusion, Drama
Cinematic, contemporary and frankly, gorgeous
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ANW1535 – Indie Rock Anthems
Classic indie instrumentals
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