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Latest Album Releases:

Indie Wonderland, Asia and the East, Nu-Metal and Rocktronica. Listen now...

ANW 1516 - Quirky Drama
Light tension with a twist
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ANW 1517 - Reggae, Dub, Ska
Chilled & happy sunshine reggae
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ANW 1518 - Traditional & Folk
A pleasing cornucopia of traditional works with a smattering of folk
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ANW 1519 - Rocktronica
Blood curdling rock fused with electronica. Proud to be loud
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ANW 1520 - Historic England
Regal splendour to slow march to the gallows. Days of yore, from the Sceptred Isle!
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ANW 1521 - Indie Wonderland
Bright indie pop & rock with Christmas friendly versions
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ANW 1522 - Uplifting Indie
Building, stirring and insirational indie rock
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ANW 1523 - Retro Funk & Soul Grooves
Ultra cool fusion grooves with red hot players. The sound of mustard being cut
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ANW 1525 - Asia and the East 1
Weird and wonderful sounds from Tibet, China and the Orients
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ANW 1526 - Asia and the East 2
Tibet, China and the Orients, part 2
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ANW 1527 - Nu-Metal
Thunderous, pulverising industrial mayhem
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ANW 1528 - House, Trance, Dance
Mostly light, lifestyle house & trance but with moments of euphoria
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ANW 1529 - Magical, Quirky, Dramedy
Much magical spookiness & tongue-in-cheekiness
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