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Latest Album Releases:

Audio Network CDs ANW1217 to ANW1232 are now live!

Every week we record, master and release new music. We bring the CDs out in batches of 16 every couple of months or so. Our most recent batch, Volume 16, takes us from ANW1217 to ANW1232 and is one of the most exciting collections yet. We have recorded around the country, and indeed the world, to bring you hundreds of never-before-heard, stonking, shiny, brand-new tracks. Don’t forget, you can get all these tracks and even access unreleased music by registering and logging on. Or you can get everything on a stand-alone hard drive.

ANW1217 - Orchestral Drama 3    
The latest and greatest from one of our most popular composers Terry Devine-King was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Abbey Road Studios. Big, brash, scary drama.

ANW1218 - Rock/Pop Songs & Mixes    
More belting songs from Barrie Gledden, Tim Devine and Gareth Johnson. As always we’ve given you the mixes and underscores so if you don’t want lyrics you don’t have to have them.

ANW1219 - Pop Ballads & Mixes    
Back by popular request, ballads from Barrie, Igor and the boys. Again the songs and instrumentals are all there.

ANW1220 - Chilled Lifestyle 3    
You can never have enough of this. Igor Dvorkin, David O’Brien and Matt Andasun all get chilled.

ANW1221 - Blues    
The A-Z of blues including new works from the great Sir John Dankworth, Barrie Gledden, Christian Marsac, Mike Stobbie and Richard Kimmings.

ANW1222 - Hip Hop & Urban Grooves    
Does what it says on the tin, from down and dirty to the pop side of Hip Hop.

ANW1223 - Africa    
George Van Dyk has been a leading star in African music for many years. Here he does it for us with a little help from Christophe Goze and Paul Mottram.

ANW1224 - US Rock/Pop Songs & Mixes    
Now this really is a corker. Tim Devine gathered much of the top talent in Miami to record these fantastic songs.

ANW1225 - Drama    
Atmospheric, simple, but great tracks for dramas and films.

ANW1226 - Indie Rock, 2000s 4    
The previous CDs in this series were so popular we were left with no choice but to do more.

ANW1227 - Vintage Sci-Fi    
Our customers asked us to do this, so we did! Classic, vintage synths and some big moments for the Theremin.

ANW1228 - Electro Breaks, Euro Dance    
Pop will never die and this is how it looks from Euro-land!

ANW1229 - Dub, Urban, Reggae    
This was a labour of love for David O’Brien, Gareth Johnson and Kevin Brown, who all worked together. Fantastic production and recording.

ANW1230 - 1980s 2    
All the guys love to get out their old gear and once in a while we let them.

ANW1231 - Folk    
The first totally folk album we’ve ever done. A great opportunity for some amazing playing.

ANW1232 - Church Organ    
Here we recorded the cathedral organ in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. It was the hottest day ever recorded (literally) in 2007 and we did these at the same time as recording some Christmas Carols!


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