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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1449 to 1464 now live, listen here...

ANW1449 - Fun, Quirky, Happy    
From intricate a cappella to cheery instrumental.
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ANW1450 - Contemporary Strings    
Clever, complex, minimalist string arrangements.
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ANW1451 - Club, Dance    
Banging house & trance. Introducing DJ John OO Fleming to Audio Network
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ANW1452 - Traditional Brass Band Christmas    
Christmas as it should be! Warm and cosy with just a hint of cinnamon.
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ANW1453 - Japan    
Instrumental & vocal, generally traditional and very Japanese.
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ANW1454 - Africa 3    
With a special focus on African percussion.
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ANW1455 - European Clichés    
Tongue-in-cheek look at musical clichés from around Europe. Focuses on Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Southern Germany.
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ANW1456 - Celtic, Celtic folk    
Includes new ones from Kathryn Tickell.
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ANW1457 - Australia 2    
A big moment for the didgeridoo as you might expect.
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ANW1458 - India - Traditional    
Some truly beautiful performances and authentic raagas.
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ANW1459 - West Indies, Caribbean    
From reggae to island calypso, the sunny sounds of paradise!
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ANW1460 - India, Bhangra, Bollywood    
Exotic and authentic. Many of the tracks written and recorded in Mumbai by the Bollywood boys!
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ANW1461 - Soul Songs    
Songs and instrumental. Great singers and HOT players!
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ANW1462 - 1960s 3    
More retro fun and swinging sounds from the late 1950s and 1960s.
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ANW1463 - Indie Rock Songs    
The first release of the sound of the 2010s! Indie rock and pop at its best.
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ANW1464 - Cinematic Horror    
The Skinner Brothers sounding huge and scary.
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