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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1433 to 1448 now live, listen here...

ANW1433 - Indie Rock and Pop    
Rock & pop instrumental, some chilled but much head nodding.
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ANW1434 - Minimalist Vocal 2    
More close harmony vocal art from Paul Mottram.
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ANW1435 - Classic Rock & Pop    
Late 1960s, early 1970s rock, prog rock & pop.
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ANW1436 - Jazz Funk, Rare Groove    
Funk on a journey through soul and acid jazz. Groovetastic!
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ANW1437 - Strings, Small Ensemble    
Quartets, quintets, some solo strings and a sprinkling of piano.
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ANW1438 - Urban, Electronica & Hip Hop    
Commercial sounds with cutting edge production.
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ANW1439 - Electro Pop, Electronica    
Bob Bradley, Terry Devine-King and Barrie Gledden go electro!
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ANW1440 - Chill Out 4    
Light a candle, warm the lava lamp & break open the bubble bath.
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ANW1441 - Contemporary Drama    
Twisted and tense but with grooves.
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ANW1442 - Rock    
Rocked out - big production.
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ANW1443 - Upbeat Lifestyle 4    
Uplifting and dead useful to have around the place.
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ANW1444 - Mediterranean, Latin Lifestyle    
Sunny, groovy, fresh and sassy!
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ANW1445 - Chilled Electronica    
Downbeat Trip Hop and Chillout.
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ANW1446 - Funk, 1970s    
Groove playing which acknowledges the contribution made by cheese.
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ANW1447 - Christmas on the Box    
Bright, light and smiley! Christmas with a groove.
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ANW1448 - Cool Christmas    
From rocked out to the truly strange - an alternative view of Christmas.
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