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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1417 to 1432 now live, listen here...

ANW1417 - Urban Drama, Dubstep     
Not the most cheerful of albums, but you'd certainly want it on your side when there's trouble
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ANW1418 - Spies and Detective Drama     
Espionage at its best
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ANW1419 - Funky House, Trance, Dance     
Bang up to date dance beats and grooves
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ANW1420 - Electro Pop, Vocal     
Super cool electro pop songs and instrumentals
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ANW1421 - Acoustic Nu Folk, Lifestyle 2     
From cheerful to warm pastoral loveliness. Lots of acoustic guitars from Adam Drake and Terry Devine-King
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ANW1422 - Holiday Lifestyle     
Cheerful, summery and making the world just that little bit better
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ANW1423 - Chilled Grooves 2     
Chilled, but with a purpose in life; not overly ambient, great for lifestyle shows
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ANW1424 - Hot Club, Jazz, Swing     
Bright & fun with some amazing playing from John Etheridge, Terry Devine-King & others
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ANW1425 - Credit Crunch, Money 2     
More songs for hard times!
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ANW1426 - Acoustic Nu Folk, Lifestyle 3     
Light, bright & beautifully played acoustic guitars & grooves from the masters, Terry Devine-King & Adam Drake
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ANW1427 - Romantic Drama     
Some really beautiful and unusual works. Includes atmospheric acoustic, orchestral and electronic tracks
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ANW1428 - Late Night, Grooves     
Mmmmm smooooth! Acid Jazz to chilled funkiness
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ANW1429 - Piano and Featured Piano     
New works from Helen Jane Long & Geoffrey Keezer. Both solo piano & piano with accompaniment
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ANW1430 - Educational. Times Tables     
Times tables songs for children. Check out the 12 times table - it's hilarious
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ANW1431 - Experimental Percussion     
The new one from Evelyn Glennie and her friends. Sound design and textures, all beautifully played, of course
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ANW1432 - Drama, Light Tension Grooves     
Ranging from the sinister to the anxious and the dark to the dastardly.
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