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Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1401 to 1417 now live, listen here...

ANW1401 - Middle East     
A wide variety of Middle Eastern styles generally featuring more traditional arrangements.
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ANW1402 - Middle East 2     
Middle Eastern pop and Western crossover tracks.
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ANW1403 - Comedy, Quirky, Silly 2     
A rich and diverting smorgasbord of silliness from people who should know better.
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ANW1404 - US Teen Pop     
Fun, feelgood tween pop songs & instrumentals.
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ANW1405 - Minimalist Vocal     
Stunning, unusual, left-field ambient harmony vocals.
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ANW1406 - Africa 2     
Southern African percussion grooves, vocals & instrumentals.
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ANW1407 - Orchestral, Contemporary Drama     
Glowering orchestras with beats & synths.
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ANW1408 - Pop Songs 2     
Some of the best songs we've ever done from Messrs Gledden, Bradley, Skinner & Cocks!
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ANW1409 - Chilled Grooves     
Cool, atmospheric & grooved based.
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ANW1410 - Cool Jazz, Lounge Funk     
Mostly cool jazz, but lounge funk makes its presence felt
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ANW1411 - Dubstep     
Grimey and urban with electro beats and effects.
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ANW1412 - Comedy, Quirky, Silly 3     
More deranged work from Chris Blackwell and other children.
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ANW1413 - US Hip Hop     
Urban songs, Hip Hop grooves with a US edge.
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ANW1414 - Funk Grooves     
In the pocket playing and bass players with bleeding thumbs. Deeply cool.
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ANW1415 - Lifestyle 5     
Back by popular demand - Terry Devine-King, Barrie Gledden & Philip Guyler.
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ANW1416 - Electroclash     
Bright, funky, distinctive and just dead handy to have about the place.
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ANW1417 - Urban Drama, Dubstep     
Not the most cheerful of albums, but you'd certainly want it on your side when there's trouble.
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