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Mid Tempo Spanish Rumba featuring Flamenco guitar
Dance band Rumba with big band brass & flute
Mediterranean party jam with Spanish guitar, Greek rhythms & Flamenco claps
Bright, melodic, contemporary Latin dance
Jaunty Latin Rumba featuring piano & quirky melodica lead
Cute & jaunty clarinet theme with Spanish guitar & double bass
Sexy salsa with female vocal. Hot & spicy percussion mix
Snappy 1960s funky Latin Jazz groove. Winklepicker sharp!
Relaxed Mediterranean RnB. Improvised acoustic guitars
Energetic Spanish Rumba dance featuring guitar, percussion & keys
Laid back, romantic Latin groove with sensuous Spanish guitar
Fast, driving flamenco featuring Spanish guitars
Energetic Latin dance pop with rumba/ flamenco influence
Sassy, bright Flamenco complete with claps & much stamping
Relaxed Mediterranean RnB with acoustic guitar
Stylish Latino disco with Spanish guitar & orchestral strings
Contemporary paseo vallenato with rumba beat, accordion & guitar solos
Dramatic Flamenco Hip Hop with singer, Arabian flute & Turkish Saz
Smooth, late night Latin vibe with retro organ, silky trumpet & seductive sax
Mid tempo Flamenco dance. Hip hop beats
Latin Rumba/jazz/pop. Cheerful groove, featuring harp melody
Hip swaying, bright Latin bossa meets hot club
Building, upbeat, contemporary Flamenco Rumba
Traditional Spanish flamenco rumba with soaring guitar & cajon
44 tracks found Refine search.
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