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Angelic / Heavenly Choir

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Otherworldly choir & Theremin with magical strings, harp & music box
Magical orchestral journey with heavenly choir & heroic brass ending
Tense orchestral build from menacing to heroic with choir & electronics
Triumphant, evolving orchestral epic with heroic brass & celestial choir
Majestic festive orchestra with beautiful 'aah's & lush strings
Majestic, languid, choral plainchant. A Cappella.
Gentle, repetitive, passionate string orchestra with soprano
Peaceful, serene cathedral choir & organ
Celestial choir with warm strings, harps & celeste
Dreamy, enchanted choir, strings & vibes. Classic 1950s film
Dreamlike & enchanting journey with orchestra & choir
Peaceful orchestra & angelic choir with swelling strings. Builds
Gentle Celtic piano & vocal atmosphere
Lilting celestial vocals with strings & percussion
Ambient layers build to orchestral textures with haunting cor anglais
Mysterious cosmic strings build with choir & shimmering celestial harp
Blissful, languid strings & choir from the golden era of film
A Tibetan journey from darkness to light using brass, gamelan & choir
Slow, early 17th century ecclesiastical A Cappella
16th century plainchant for full choir (A Cappella)
String pad with choral textures & dark 'cello
64 tracks found Refine search.
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