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Hammond Organ

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Epic, 1970's hard rock, supergroup stomp
Easy riding, biker blues rock groove with male vocal & Hammond
Cool funk groove with quirky piano, marimba, clarinets & bluesy Hammond
Folky, acoustic, chill out hip hop
Driving funky groove with stabby organ, brass & groovy percussion
Kitsch & cheeky jazz guitar melody with skiffle railroad rhythm
Casino heist funk. Exciting drums & bustling bass lines with full horn section
Trashy garage indie with retro organ, rocking rhythm section & fuzz guitars
Cool retro funk/soul with upbeat chorus featuring brass, organ & piano
Stylish funky beats with Hammond organ & "cadillac" male vocal
Slow building, melancholic Hammond organ with ambient drums & deep bass
Cool Jamaican ska with trombone melody, sax & trumpet
Dark, sultry Latin blues rock song about a vanishing temptress. US Male vocal
Super funky delta blues hip hop mash up with dirty harmonica & sleazy dobro
Swinging 1960s jazz bossa nova with blazing brass & bonkers vocal hook
Relaxed, light pop with Hammond, guitar & piano
Funky New Orleans piano with hot brass, cool Hammond & blazing blues guitar
Laid back, smooth 70s funk with cool Hammond & slick brass
Funky jazz groove with cool double bass, bluesy organ & slick retro horns
Classic, 1970s heavy rock with hot riffing guitars & smoking Hammond
Carefree pop with acoustic guitars & Hammond
Retro American TV cop show funk with jazzy flute, wah guitar & brass
Filmic 1960s boogaloo groove with vintage Hammond & cool guitars
Caribbean groove with trumpet hooks, Hammond organ & DJ scratching
212 tracks found Refine search.
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