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Vince De La Cruz

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Uplifting band & chorus singing to the tune of "When the Saints go Marching In". Team mix
Rock band & crowd to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine"
Crowd in stadium yell to Stars & Stripes tune. No band
Male harmony vocal of football anthem. No band or noisy people
Crowd & band chant to the tune of This Old Man (Knick-knack paddy whack)
Cheerful rock band & crowd singing "If You're Happy & You Know It"
Faintly abusive lyrics to the tune of "For he's a jolly good fellow"
Choral football anthem with rock band. With "England" chant
Football crowd with lyrics reworked from God Save Our Queen
Refreshingly unmusical crowd sing famous tune with rock band
Rowdy football anthem sung to the tune of "Bread of Heaven". Crowd & band
19 tracks found Refine search.

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