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Tim Devine

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Cool rock/reggae song with male vocal. All about jealousy & relationships
Energetic & positive dance pop with female vocals
Feel good, chilled indie pop rock with bright guitars & hip hop beats
Hip shaking high energy merengue from the Dominican Republic
Sparkling solo harp glissandi interwoven with subtle melody
High energy positive pop rock with male vocals & catchy hooks
A stirring orchestral epic with poignant acoustic guitar melody. Builds
Slick urban Puerto Rican salsa with vocals, brass, rap & hip hop flavours
Pretty solo harp ballad. Arpeggios under Celtic melody
Quirky Latin pop. Percussion break down at 1'30"
Lively Cuban salsa featuring brass, piano & percussion
Thoughtful & emotive country pop song with male vocals
Mexican ranchero waltz with violins, trumpets, accordion & guitar melodies
Sparse, peaceful harp with old English/Celtic influence
Solo harp arrangement of famous Music Box melody (Die Speildose)
Positive, bright pop rock with male vocals & big sing along chorus
Fun & punchy Salsa with the Cuban All Stars of Miami. Dance, dance dance!
Mysterious & 100% authentic Cuban cha cha cha with vocals. Hot, hot, hot!
Laid back groove & strings under swirling harp glissandos
Cutting edge urban salsa from Puerto Rico. Stylish brass & vocals
Polite yet whimsical traditional Cuban Danzon with elegant chamber strings
Laid back pop rock ballad featuring male vocal
Classic extended solo harp glissando in A Diminished
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