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Noel Dennis

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Funky groove with catchy bass, synths, brass & trumpet
Funky energetic groove with playful sexy vocals & cool trumpet
Smooth funky grooves with chilled pads, soul guitar & jazzy trumpet
Cubano rare groove with funk brass & solo trumpet
Sublime, floating on air chill-out with heavenly female vocals
Funky, uplifting groove featuring retro organ, vocal samples & trumpet
Cool nu jazz Christmas groove with orchestral loop
Cool funky Latin breaks with trumpet & acoustic guitar riff
Trippy 'Silent Night' with warped vocals
Stylish funky beats with Hammond organ & "cadillac" male vocal
Tropical funk with Fender Rhodes, brass, swing bass & groove
Tripped out & cool dubstep version of the 'Nutcracker'
Wintry orchestral loops with futuristic swing rhythms & trumpet hooks
Cool funk groove with muted wah trumpets & hand claps
Cool spy groove with muted trumpets, funky drums & hammered dulcimer
Super funky beats with killer sax & trumpet hooks
Funky wintry groove with tubular bells, sleigh bells & jazzy middle section
Funky late night groove with jazz trumpet & tight bass
Sexy RnB with raunchy telephone vocal, retro synths & provocative bass line
Uplifting, energetic drum 'n' bass with muted trumpet
Lounge vibes with sexy vocals, cool brass & deep sensual voice
Caribbean groove with trumpet hooks, Hammond organ & DJ scratching
Percussive big beat jazz groove with heavy bass, brass & trumpet
Irresistible groove with funky brass electric piano & jazzy trumpet
Cool swing funk with jazz flute & trumpet over hip bop groove
42 tracks found Refine search.
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