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Jeff Meegan

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Warm, smooth, lush jazz song with a family oriented Christmas feel
Stormy, violent baroque chamber orchestral arrangement (1720)
Funky New Orleans piano with hot brass, cool Hammond & blazing blues guitar
Authentic Dixieland band up-tempo version of the popular jazz classic
Smooth jazz ballad with chamber strings, accordion & mandolin
Passionate Argentine tango with violin & string orchestra
Epic orchestral. Builds to warlike battle theme with soaring melodies & choir
Tender four part male vocal arrangement of the classic American spiritual
Light, airy strings, melody shared by piano, clarinet & violin
Anxious harp motif over mysterious atmospheric textures & dark pulsing bass
Plodding jazz blues song about an old timer from New Orleans. Female vocal
Fresh, bright opening to Beethoven's 6th Symphony (1808)
Upbeat electro swing with celebratory New Orleans brass & big beats
Tempestuous final, Winter (or Storm) movement of baroque masterpiece (1720)
Brooding orchestra & choir with rock drums. Builds to epic conclusion
Cheeky Dixieland romp with jungle drum interludes & wailing solos
Majestic orchestral brass & percussion featuring marimba & tubular bells
Terrifying orchestral riser with sudden drum hit & dark fade out
Jaunty & playful pizzicato strings from Delibes's ballet Sylvia (1876)
Fast-paced & glitzy big band swing with cheerful showbizzy vocal
Suspenseful orchestra with choir builds to positive outcome
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