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Chris Blackwell

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Classic Spaghetti Western tension. Builds slowly throughout
Frantic rock build with busy percussion, big drums & wild guitars
Jangly shoe gazing indie guitars build to euphoric instrumental
Rapid & thunderous. Building, cinematic drums with choral pads & synths
Big, bright, positive indie rock for a sunny day with optimistic male vocal
Slinky Latino rock with electric guitar & lively percussion
Pumping drums, sordid bass, dominant key & painful whip lashes
Jolly mandolin with Jew's harp & walking bass
Inspiring indie rock with strings. Builds slowly to epic climax
Sleazy, grinding rock waltz with power riffing & glam attitude
Thunder & effects under classic scary organ
Fast paced jazz club. Aspirational & sophisticated
Raw, powerful new wave guitar rock with dirty bass & driving beats
Urgent current affairs theme with contemporary synths. Building
Joyous nu folk with recorders, bells, whistles & triumphant, marching build
Late night, sexy, slow loving groove with female gasps
Anthemic percussion and female chorus
Super sleazy 70s porn funk with dirty wah wah, flirty flute & randy organ
Relentless tribal drums. Energetic, powerful & slightly menacing
Supersonic drum 'n' bass with aggressive rock guitars & euphoric breakdown
Up beat, fun 1960s pop featuring pizz strings
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