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Cannes Lions Learnings Channel

By: Nick Bennett
Date: 9 May 2013

With last year's introduction as official music partner, we are proud that Audio Network’s association with the Cannes Lions Advertising festival is continuing to expand and that we are working so closely with the advertising industry.


Anyone that has had the privilege of attending the festival will know that, along with sunshine and rosé, there has always been an abundance of extremely high caliber speakers from the advertising world and beyond (Bill Clinton, Martin Sorrell, Pharrell Williams and many more.)


This long standing legacy of creating the most exciting program in advertising has got many thinking that this is something to be shared with those not able to attend the festival itself. Enter Cannes Lions Learnings.

Giving Back

Cannes Lions Learnings was devised by the festival as a way of giving something back to the creative community at large and ensuring the huge amounts of wisdom and knowledge shared during that recurring week in June aren’t lost memories, They will now be accessible via Cannes Lions’ YouTube channel.

Cannes Lions Learnings

To coincide with this expansive range of content derived from the festival itself, Cannes Lions needed to create the branding for their channel to perfectly encapsulate its quality.

As the festival’s official music partner and with our continued focus on the highest quality output, Audio Network offered their assistance in creating the musical element of the branding. Working alongside Dina Elrayyes (from Cannes Lions) we set long-standing Audio Network composer Igor Dvorkin the task of bringing our ideas to life.  

Here’s what happened.

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