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Power to the Pixel

By: Katie Motion
Date: 17 Oct 2011

Power to the Pixel – The Cross Media Forum.
I always get a little nervous going to these events on my own for Audio Network, but the Power to the Pixel crowd is always a friendly and inviting one.

People Watching
Sitting at the Riverside Café at the BFI sipping my skinny latte, I looked around to see if I recognised anyone. I love people watching at the best of times but watching a huge group of ‘creatives’ excitedly greeting each other and chatting about their next digital film and which media project they’re working on was very engaging!

My good friends Tishna Molla, Ines Braga and Liz Rosenthal from Power to the Pixel run the event and as usual it was incredibly interesting and informative.

The conference kicked off with a fantastic presentation by Jeff Gomez – CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment who highlighted the power of transmedia storytelling.

In fact, the buzzword for the day was ‘Transmedia’. Around 450 people sat and learned how to tell stories to audiences on the many different platforms that we use today - mobile, social media, videogaming and even books.

Digital Age
At one point I noticed there was a sea of iPhones, Macbooks and iPads all tweeting about the event –Steve Jobs would have been proud!


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