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Production Music meets Electro-Swing

By: Bob Bradley
Date: 2 Jun 2011

It has been described by MixMag as the sound of 2011.  It is dominating the cool underground club scene in London and Brighton and new nights are emerging up and down the country. It has already become massive throughout Europe.

Music, Fashion & Dance
The sublimely decadent club nights are decorated with people dressed fittingly in tailcoats and wingtips, flapper dresses and feather boas, fascinators and fedoras and some impressively waxed moustaches.

Vintage fashion will always have a dominant place in the way trend-setting youth dress, yet it seems that the whole burlesque revival and the re-birth of the 'quintessential English gentleman' is proof that 2011 is the year that Electro Swing will boom.

I read that it was the escapism of delving into a different era for a night that made the scene so attractive. We all like to dress up in character sometimes but for a lot of these people it's a lifestyle. They live and breathe it. They're The Chap Magazine subscribers. They're the real deal and they're keeping it alive!

Dance Moves
What's also cropping up everywhere now are Lindy hop and Jitterbug dancing lessons so peeps can impress with their moves on the dancefloor but for me, its when the old moves and new moves seamlessly merge together that you get something a bit special. Check this guy out dancing to Parov Stelar.

It's glamour- but glamour with class and it feels like going back in time yet the music hypnotically reminds you that you're most definitely in the 21st century.

The Sound of Music
Old 1920-40s vinyl records cleverly sampled and remixed into swinging house beats and pounding double bass riffs, muted trumpets trading hooks with glitchy synths, record scratching with old radio broadcasts. Keeping the big band, dixieland and swing tradition at the core then mixing with a large dose of Burlesque and Speakeasy Sass. Then into the melting pot comes the modern club elements, cleverly weaving their way around the old roots to form an irresistible groove. After all, the old Swing was made for dancing and so it continues.

But not only is the sound getting the 'four to the floor' house treatment, it's now being fused with Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop (Which is where my Electro Swing II album will focus)

And there are other sub genres that form part of the whole Nu Swing/Electro Swing scene too. I'll be going into detail about these in my next blog. These focus more on the Gypsy swing and Balkan beats sound of Eastern Europe. I'm in the middle of an album of this material too which is sounding VERY cheeky indeed!

Electro Swing for Audio Network
Electro/Nu Swing is starting to find it's way on placements and Syncs throughout the globe. The dilemma, as is often the case for music supervisors, is the problem of clearing music rights. With the minefield of clearing not only the original track, but the remixed work and that whole can of worms, it's little wonder that such music clips aren’t dominating adverts yet. But with these Audio Network tracks and the ones to follow, Electro Swing is now easily accessible to the film and television production industry. Already we have placed this baby - 'Bop' with Panasonic Lumix.

Like the Duke said "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing".

See what I mean on these new Electro Swing tracks we did for Audio Network.  Enjoy!


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