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The Great Escape 2012

By: Jo Belcher
Date: 22 May 2012

On a grey and rainy Thursday morning in May, some of the Music and Creative Services team set off to the seaside in search of the sun - but more importantly, The Great Escape Festival in Brighton!           Since being founded in 2006, The Great Escape has been firmly established internationally as the leading event for showcasing new music. Taking place in Brighton over 3 days, it not only showcases new music, but also runs a delegate convention alongside it...

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Don't Reach for that Remote!

By: Chris Brooke
Date: 17 May 2012

[Disclaimer: this blog post is a bit nerdy] When I tell people what I do for a living, often the first thing they ask me (or the second thing, after: ‘Really? That’s a job?’) is ‘why are the adverts on TV so loud?’ I explain that I’m not really responsible for that, but that it’s something to do with advertisers wanting to grab your attention, and a lack of coherent legislation on volume normalisation across broadcast audio. And that’s usually the...

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What Kind of Composers Collaborate?

By: Lincoln Grounds
Date: 08 May 2012

Take a tech based keyboard player with an unhealthy interest in ocsillators and the latest ground breaking software, mix with an organic lo tech musician who likes to get people excited with what ever noise they can extract from antique technology like the guitar, tabla or oud for instance - it could go one of two ways….  Purity We can all appreciate the purity of a focused creation. A Chopin nocturne is perfect – or is it? That statement alone could provoke someone...

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Creating a Musical Collaboration

By: Bob Bradley
Date: 03 May 2012

The Audio Network family of composers are incredibly focused on their creative vision but on the whole, remarkably open to the rewarding but potentially risky business of collaboration.  I recently worked with fellow Audio Network Composer, Lincoln Grounds on our latest album, Classic Quirky Characters   Lincoln and I set out to do something that we both have a massive passion for which is early French swing but it soon expanded into our fascination with what is it that makes quirky,...

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