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Simeon Wood

Simeon Wood

For the past 20 years Simeon has been performing around the world on a wide variety of platforms playing over 15 instruments and delighting audiences in theatres, churches, art centres, for corporate events, festivals and as a guest entertainer onboard the finest cruise ships in the world. As well as being an established and acclaimed flautist Simeon  is regularly commissioned to write music for  television both in the UK and America.

A selection of my tracks

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Lively, light pop/house beats with Oriental whistle melody
Reflective arrangement of The Holly and the Ivy featuring guitars, flute, drums & bass
Smooth arrangement of traditional melody featuring flute, harp and soft drums
Utterly dreamy bass flute, swirling pads & chilled bass & drums
Atmospheric Chinese flute with Kabuki style percussion
Soaring quena melody over light percussion, bass & keyboards
Mesmerising Chinese flute & koto. Sparse, ambient Far Eastern sound
Pan Pipe virtuosity with ambient pad & percussion
Bright acoustic rock with Far Eastern flute melody

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