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Mat Andasun

Mat Andasun

Mat played drums for progressive bands in his teens (including the magnificent Pendragon), moving out front to sing in his twenties when he got tired of being the last in the bar after packing away his kit at gigs. 

He co-founded Sambawamba, the nationally renowned celebratory arts company and has introduced Samba to thousands of people across the country.  He plays guitar, drums, keyboards, Brazilian hand percussion and also sings.

Mat’s success as a writer has allowed him much more time in the bar!

A selection of my tracks

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Quirky bhangra/hip hop with Celtic fiddle, tin whistle & vocal
Mellow groove with light guitar & jazzy electric piano
Laid back seventies soul funk with a touch of trip hop, strings & voices
Epic percussion with building theme & Asian vocal
1960s Vintage sci-fi Bossa Nova, wailing theremins & slinky orchestration
Cheerful, bright pop with 1960/70s feel. Breaks into segments
Delta blues & smooth hip hop with slide guitar & male vocal
Funky Samba groove with brass, lots of percussion & a dusting of vocals
Retro 1970s with funky rhythm section
Chilled electronica beats with ambient keys & swirling effects

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