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Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes was a consummate professional in orchestral composition, arrangement and conducting. He was a founder shareholder in Audio Network and an old friend of the company.

His credits include the artists Amii Stewart, Marti Webb, Bonnie Langford and Martine McCutchen and TV programmes such as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Poldark and Flying Through History. He was also the original whistler on the Eastenders theme tune!

Sadly, Ian died in 2004. He left an irreplaceable gap at Audio Network.

A selection of my tracks

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Dark, swirling drone with sparse atmospheric bouzouki
Light piano arpeggios in lilting string theme, in the style of Mozart & Schubert
Cheerful, folky melody played on a penny whistle with percussion, accordion and guitar
Bright, pacey, optimistic orchestra. Features French Horn & Piano
Bright, courtly waltz. Chamber orchestra
Tense, sparse percussion over continuous spring drum atmosphere
Reflective, large orchestral theme. Sweeping string melody
Episodic, building, dramatic, large orchestral theme

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